The Britten 1000cc - TT 93

I took these photos during the TT 93. While I was there I spent a lot of time with John Britten's wonderful team. I didn't ride the Britten 1000cc but I thought the bike was absolutely great. John Watterson's photos are below and there is also a good article by the Manx Independent at the bottom of the page.

Articles Featuring the Britten 1000cc vee-twin
Kiki Show Stoppers
Manx Independent
25 June 1993

Kiki Show Stoppers

There where no prizes for naming which machine attracted most attention at this year's TT. The fantatic 1000cc vee-twin innovation of the amazing John Britten was, to say the least, stunning. Only down to compete in one race (the Senior), the brightly coloured Britten recieved more media focus and general intrest that all the other machines combined


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