The Skerries Experience

Road Racing Ireland - July 1996

I fell in love again.
If was love at first sight.
As soon as I was driven with a van around the course, I knew I was already loving it.
I liked the fast'S', I liked the way the road went by, so many bends that made you wish to try them with your bike as soon as possible.
Then some very scary bits, as the right bends before the hairpin, fast down the hill, but not as much as you would do them because they keep closing as you go on, moreover the road is really tight.
As it happens with any new love, there's the period in which you have to confront yourself with less romantic facts and that'happened abruptly with the first practice sessions: as soon as we were let out it started raining cats and dogs. I couldn't see my way around, the visor had steamed up: distressful experience.
Saturday it was bright and sunny day, and I had the proof that it was the true love I had wished to be.
I really enjoyed the couple of laps of extra practicing. The bike was just great, handled wonderfully and had such a quick, powerful engine, just what you needed to get around at your best.
The race was really exciting: when they gave me the checked flag it took me by surprise since I was chasing two riders in front of me which I expected to reach in the next lap.
And I'll miss my evening pint of draught Guinness! Nothing its equal to a good pint of real Irish one. Anyway, thank you a lot to Baylon McCaughey and Irish Bike for the great bike, and thank you to the organizing body who makes such an event take place.
I'll be back next year for sure.
Francesca Giordano

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