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Manx Independent - 9 February 1993
By John Watterson

ITALIAN TT hopeful Francesca Giordano was talking her way round a mist shrouded Mountain Circuit on Sunday. The plucky Roman, who suffered a disastrous TT debut last year, is as enthusiastic as ever about her return this coming June and has been on the Island this week re-acquainting herself with the course.

With a miniature Duke Video camera strapped to the tank of her Ascot Hotel sponsored 400 Gloucester Kawasaki; Francesca provided her own running commentary as she wended her way round the 37.7 mile circuit in mild but fog bound conditions.

The idea of the commentary, which included her own quips about the "lovely" Manx weather, was to provide the base for a class room style replay of a lap on screen later for her own benefit, pin-pointing trouble spots and possible lines.

"Last year was such a nightmare that I'm going all out to avoid any possible hiccups this year", says Francesca, who only completed three miles of actual practice for the '92 TT prior to her 125 Aprilia suffering a terminal malfunction.

She's been taken under the wing of TT regular Allan Warner, whose bike business Gloucester Kawasaki is to support a number of riders this year, including a couple sidecars.

The attractive Italian, who'll be riding a 125 Cagiva on her home circuits this season, has already drawn a considerable amount of media attention during her current visit, and is expected to be filmed by a nationwide TV crew tomorrow prior to returning to Rome on Thursday morning.

Duke Video technician Paul Millichip sets up the mini camera on Francesca Romana Giordano's bike (left), while Gloucester Kawasaki boss Allan Warner prepares the power pack for another lap of the TT course on Sunday. Allan is to request the permission of the ACU to use the on-board camera himself during this year's 400 Supersport race - such cameras only previously used during practice.
(John Watterson)

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