McCaughey joins elite organisation

Irish Bike - July 1996

The 'Associazione Difesa Moto' (In defence of the motorcyclist) is an Italian organisation that fights for the rights of bikers in Italy, lobbying the government on issues such as the high cost of motorway tolls, etc. President of the association is Francesca Giordano, one of the three female solo riders in TT action.

The association has its own lawyer who helps motorcyclists with their cases. Francesca has also presented TV programmes about the association, which is expanding all the time. She told Irish Bike's Baylon McCaughey: "We are trying to expand the organisation to cover all of Europe, and we will be taking cases to the European Parliament."

McCaughey was given special membership of the association at the TT along with Steve Hislop, David Masden-Mygdal, Allan Warmer and Mark Livingstone.

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